The story of a photographer

I started photography 9 years ago & fell in love with people first. I was so enamoured by what lied behind a smile, a gesture, a thought & the idea of being able to capture that in a single still image had me hooked. Looking back I always had a camera, I was always capturing connections, especially once I knew who the individuals were it made my images that more meaningful. My career started at Bauer Media where I first got called into photograph Professor Green. Starting in entertainment I moved on to work for Heat Magazine, Grazia as well as other music stations within Bauer Media. Staff would ask me to capture their weddings and various family events & from there my career took off and I Built Rakiya Shay Photography.


Reniece & Hayden

“O my gosh Rakiya I love my wedding album, thank you so much”

01 / 03