The first timei met gemma

It was her first daughter, Aliya's birthday & christening in one. The day was full of families, children & a squad of Gemma's "YOU CAN sit with us" girl friends dressed beautifully in a sort of uniformed caramel, pastel tones. Everyone looked gorgeous and their beauty shone from within. The birthday part was a room filled with a new age glamour & sophistication. Lots for kids to do & plenty of good food going round. Elders were prioritised & being served by respective individuals from the glamour squad (Gemma's Friends). So much laughter & joy in one room & Gemma, organising, directing and overseeing that everything runs as smooth as she can make it. I saw a talent for organisation, efficiency & style then.

A Couple of years later Gemma & I went on to collaborate on many more projects as she built her brand with authenticity, love, detail and passion. Something I have always loved & admired about Gemma is her truth. She is so open and honest free of concerns of others judgment. She fearlessly on her Instagram page takes you through her good days & bad days. Talking about motherhood and raising two young queens in todays world. She is a voice for young women without trying to be a voice, she is simply being her and sharing her life openly, within reason.

I have often fallen in love with individuals and that's why Gemma comes under my Passion projects profiles. It is my pleasure to call her a sister, friend and dream client. She not only respects the craft of photography but the skill & time it requires. She is a wonderful example of supporting small businesses. Always highlighting others in her industry & outside of it. Crediting service providers be it photographers, builders or other artists. In her event photography she allows me to move free capturing every moment my eyes and fingers can connect with. In her business she is clear about her vision and what she would like captured, ever evolving with ideas and trying new things.

My favourite time to watch Gemma in action is "Installation Day." The day all the ideas from a project come together and items are installed & put together. It's a day of high pressure where any plans can potentially change. Gemma moves on vibe, energy and the clients goals for their space & is committed to a practical transformation. Anyone who cares as much as she does about their client is always someone you want to work with.

All in all my girl Gemma is a wonderful mother, boss babe & all round strong woman who stands up for what she believes in, doesn't take no for an answer and is fearless in her pursuit to live the best life she can. If your ever looking for an E-design or bespoke services to transform a room or space give her a buzz @happihabitat she's just started a YouTube channel, giving you further insight into her famous transformations. She's definitely one to watch.

Keep scrolling down for a photo journey of the woman behind the businesS. Gemma of Happi Habitat.